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Moisture Sensors & Analyzers

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With a history streching back more than 30 years, Finna Group helps its customers drive process efficiency with its range of on-line moisture sensors and handheld moisture meters. Accurately measuring moisture and coat weight is a key factor for many manufacturing and quality control processes. Finna Group is able to provide industrial sensors and meters tailored for a wide range of industries.


Technology to Conquer...

On-line Moisture Sensors:


NIR (near infrared) sensors are best suited for a great majority of all applications, this includes food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, etc. They are easy to install an do not come into contact with the product for accurate moisture measurements.It is an ideal product for continuous, non-destructive moisture measurement and coat weight in the 0 to 60% range.

RF (Radio Frequency) Capacitance sensors give moisture results that are continuous, instantaneous and non-destructive.  It is widely used across a variety of applications including gypsum, powdered and granular materials, agriculture and wood products.

Portable Moisture Meters:

DC Resistance Moisture Meters (Pin Meters) work on the conductivity principle whereby two metal probes (needle type) are inserted into the measured product and current flow is measured between the probes. The probes are typically inserted into the product a several different locations in order to determine the average moisture content. 

Pinless Moisture Meters use the principle of Capacitance (Dielectric or Power Loss) measurement. The capacitor plates are built-in to each of the Finna Group portable meters due to the design of the contacting sensors. Since water has a dielectric constant considerable higher than any other material, even a small amount of water in a product will cause the combination dielectric constant to increase substantially, the meter recognizes this increase in water content and displays the result in direct reading percent moisture content.

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