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Flow Meters

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For over 35 years, Rheonik has made it their mission to empower industry partners and enable them to make their processes more efficient, thus saving costs and resources. They are 100% focused on perfecting Coriolis mass flowmeters. And because they invest all their engineering skills in this technology day in and day out, this has allowed us to pioneer in many areas, such as hydrogen, high pressure devices or special materials.

We guarantee our international customers and partners a maximum of flexibility, so all our measuring instruments are custom made at our production site in Germany. This enables us, for example, to deliver just about any connection with our devices.

In all this, we always strive for one goal: absolutely precise measurement results!

Get Flow Measured...

Rheonik RHM.webp
Rheonik RHM 30.webp
Rheonik RHM 40.webp
Rheonik RHM 60.webp
Rheonik RHM 80.webp
Rheonik RHM 100.webp
Rheonik RHM 160.webp

Coriolis mass flow transmitters:

Rheonik RHE 45.webp
Rheonik RHE 21_edited.png
Rheonik 42.png
Rheonik RHE 27_edited.png
Rheonik RHE 46.webp
Rheonik RHE 26_edited.png
Rheonik RHE 28_edited.png
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