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Finna Group helps its customers drive process efficiency with its range of on-line moisture sensors and handheld moisture meters. Types of online moisture sensors available are NIR (near infrared) and RF (Radio Frequency) Capacitance, both allow for continuous, non-destructive moisture measurement. Portable handheld meters provide instantaneous moisture results without the need for time-consuming gravimetric oven moisture analysis, thus enabling timely machine adjustments. More information.

The technological leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement for the last 25 years, FLUXUS clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems can measure virtually anything that flows, liquids as well as gases. FLEXIM offers permanent and portable flow meters, as well as a range of PIOX process analyzers that measure the concentration, density and mass flow rate either non-intrusively by ultrasound or inline via refractometry. Especially aggressive, corrosive and toxic media are not a challenge for accurate and reliable real time monitoring with PIOX. More information about FLOW METERS or REFRACTOMETERS.

Experts in water chemistry since 1903, Waltron manufactures, sells and services water treatment chemicals, water quality monitoring systems, instrument parts, valves, water purification equipment, and related products.

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Williamson offers non-contact infrared temperature sensors for a variety of applications. By using wavelength, Williamson's pyrometer's are able to help customers solve challenging temperature measurement problems so that they can improve product quality, increase process efficiency, and control costs. More information.