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Engineered Solutions

An industrial service solutions company specializing in combustion and control systems since 1995. CPL focuses on the optimization of thermal process performance, reducing your company's energy needs and increasing client's sustainability. 


Dedicated to the Art of Performance


CPL offers:

  • Burner Design/Repair

  • Calibration/ Combustion Tuning

  • Combustion/ Compression Controls

  • Engineering Services

  • APC/ IIoT

  • Compressor Services/ O&M


Wagner Fluid Systems design and manufacture process water and
wastewater treatment systems to deliver environmentally safe water. With over 15 years of experience they offer both the competitiveness of a small company and the capabilities of a large company.

Committed to delivering high-quality service.

Wagner Fluid Systems offer turnkey treatment systems including:

  • Collection Systems

  • Pump Stations

  • Headworks Screens

  • Aerobic-biological Treatment

  • Disinfection

  • Sludge De-watering

  • Control Systems

  • SCADA System Designs 2000-25 million GPD

  • Packaged Plants

  • Containerized

  • Steel Fabricated

  • Pre-cast Concrete

  • Design Build

  • Sequencing Batch Reactors

  • Decanters

  • Extended Aeration

  • Denitrification Filters

  • Iron & Manganese

  • Clarification

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