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Temperature Sensors

Pro Series Pyrometer.png

Pro Series Pyrometer

smokeless flare monitor.png

Smokeless Flare Monitor

Flame Intensity Monitor.png

Flame Intensity Monitor

Williamson is passionate about helping customers solve challenging temperature measurement problems so that they can improve product quality, increase process efficiency, and control costs. They recognize that each application has its own unique challenges and for over 60 years, Williamson has developed customized solutions for the most demanding industrial applications such as steel, aluminum, petrochemical, CVD/semiconductor, incineration and glass.


Single-Wavelength Pyrometers are preferred when appropriate due to simpler, lower-cost technology.For most applications, select the shortest
wavelength compatible with the measurement conditions and desired temperature span. More information.

  • Short-Wavelength Pyrometer

  • Long-Wavelength Pyrometer

  • Specialty-Wavelength Pyrometer

Ratio Pyrometers are different from single-wavelength pyrometers in that they measure infrared energy at two wavelengths instead of one. The ratio of energy between the two measured wavelengths is then converted into a temperature value. This method of measurement allows ratio pyrometer technology to compensate for emissivity variation, partially filled fields of view and optical obstructions. More information.

  • Two Color Pyrometer

  • Dual Wavelength Pyrometer

Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers use application specific algorithms to characterize infrared energy and emissivity across the measured wavelengths to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of complex non-greybody material. More information


MWx pyrometer uses Dynamic ESP Technology to compensate for more significant variation in surface character and conditions without adjustments. More information.

  • Aluminum Strip (MWx-AS)

  • Aluminum Billet (MWx-AB)

Infrared petrochemical sensors provides significant advantages over other technologies like thermocouples, UV detectors, and thermal imagers when it comes to monitoring flares and thermal reactors. More information.

  • Flare Monitor

  • Pilot Monitor

  • Flame Intensity Monitor 

  • Sulfur Recovery Unit

Hot slug detectors (HSD) identify the presence of small slugs below the surface of the fiberglass batting during the manufacturing process. The Williamson model HSD combines three innovative Williamson industrial infrared thermometer technologies to produce the only viable and reliable hot slug detector. More information.

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