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With over 50 years of experience, Absolute Safety Group is a consulting firm passionate about improving safety in variety of worksites, such as oil and gas, plants/refineries, turnarounds/outages, maintenance companies, industrial construction, commercial construction, transportation, and special government projects. ASG believes that developing a safety culture is an evolving and ongoing process and must be continually managed in order to improve and lessen the hazards of the worksite. 

Services ASG offers:

  • Safety Personnel

  • Safety Training

  • Consulting

  • Retainer Services

  • HSE Program Development

  • Setup and Management of: 

    • ISNetworld®

    • PEC Premier®

    • Avetta®

    • Complyworks®

    • Canqual®

  • SEMS Compliance Consulting

  • Contractor Assessment Programs (CAP)

  • Hazard Management Systems (HMS)

  • Behavior Based Safety

  • Job Safety Analysis  Guidance

  • Auditing

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Training

  • Company Specific Designed Seminars

With 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality safety and protective equipment, Encon Safety Products is a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment. Markets include the chemical process industry, equipment manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, construction, laboratories, pharmaceuticals processing, electronics, public utilities and primary metals production. For more information:

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